Press coverage of Clowns4Care:

Did you watch the clowns and what they do in the national prime time evening news at TV 2 Denmark – or read newspaper Berlingske’s reportage from our mission to the West Bank – did you hear about the girl who broke our chairwoman’s heart or why an experienced war correspondent is co-founder of Clowns4Care?

You can watch / read extracts of the national and international press coverage of Clowns4Care below. We are very grateful and happy that Clowns4Care’s work for and international missions to children in the world’s hotspots has ongoing, varied and extensive public interest.Each time we travel on a new mission, often in a current hotspot. Most people take interest in and care for children’s well-being. Our experiences are both very heartbreaking and new depending on each mission.

04.12.17 JP (national newspaper) Magasinet Senior: Clowns bring back the smile of war-hit children. Download PDF version

18.10.17 Clowning around in northern Iraq

09.10.17 Serious clowning C4C i Irak

18.09.17 Unicef Iraq: Clowns4Care visit displaced children in a child friendly space in Dibaga camp

Clowns4Care with Unicef Iraq

17.09.17 Unicef Iraq: We’re delighted to welcome Clowns4Care to #Iraq!

Clowns4Care with Unicef Iraq

16.09.17 TV 2 Lorry (TV 2 Denmark): Nine voluntarily clowns are leaving for Iraq

Clowns4Care i TV 2 Lorry - Irak

12.09.17 (newspaper): Clowns struggling for children in war zones

07.09.17 DR P4 Formiddag (national radio): Chairman Berit Austeen on air about the upcomming trip to Iraq

04.09.17 TV 2 Lorry (TV 2 Denmark): “The war clown” Susu creates magic moments for child refugees

25.05.17 FN’s official report on Clowns4Care’s visit to the West Bank, Palestine:: Clowns4Care Brings Laughter and Fun to Palestine Refugee Children FN om Clowns4Care

10.04.17 Berlingske (national newspaper): Clowns in Hotspots (PDF) 10.04.17 

”Good Morning, Denmark” (TV 2 Denmark): President, co-founder mrs. Berit Austeen & Chief of Communication, co-founder mr. Jeppe Nybroe Clowns4Care på TV2

06.04.17 (national newspaper): Danish Clowns creating much needed Smiles in Palestenian Refugee Camps Danske klovne skaber tiltrængte smil i de palæstinensiske flygtningelejre Clowns4Care Berlingske april 2017

05.04.17 KOM NU DANMARK-bloggen: Matilde anbefaler… Clowns4Care

03.04.17: Al-Quds TV (Palestine): TV-report on Clowns4Care visit to the West Bank, 2017:

:TV-reportage Vestbredden Clowns4Care

01.04.17: ”Good Morning, Denmark” (TV 2 Denmark): Clowns4Care, The Clowns on clowning in hotspots

Clowns4Care - Go Morgen Danmark

29.03.17: ”Good Evening, Denmark” (TV 2 Denmark): President, co-founder mrs. Berit Austeen & Chief of Communication, co-founder mr. Jeppe Nybroe: Clowns4Care Go aften Danmark

28.03.17: News article

 Clowns4Care Athen- Jeppe Nybroe

26.03.17: News article

26.03.17: TV 2 Denmark, Evening Prime News: Special Report on Clowns4Care:

Indslag i TV 2 NYHEDERNE 260317

26.03.17: TV 2 Denmark, Evening Prime News: Facebook-teaser on Special Report on Clowns4Care viewed 108.000 times:

Clowns4Care - TV2 Nyhederne marts 2017

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