Helping children in the world’s hotspots is heartbreaking in every way. Together with the children, one meets and experiences the deepest misfortune and despair – and at the same time we meet and experience the greatest joy and happiness.

We are very grateful for all the experiences we have with the children; as we are very grateful for all the support and help that makes it possible for us to make a difference for the children. Clowns4Care therefore always documents its missions with video clips, small feature movies, photos, texts and more.

It’s #notjustfun – whether you are in tears or smiling.

Watch some of our own media material below:

Iraq September 2017. Photos and video: Jeppe Nybroe

Clowns4Care boarding in Copenhagen for Iraq September 16. th.

Departure Iraq Clowns4Care

The West Bank April 2017. Photos and video: Jeppe Nybroe

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Twist and shout – Wanna share a smile?

Let´s go crazy – with balloons!

At UN hospital for children:

Clowns4Care spreading smiles at a refugee school:

Dancing in the class room:

Girl power:

The ambassador of Denmark in Palestine meets C4C:

Clowns4Care boarding in Copenhagen for the West Bank April 1. st 2017:
Afrejse til Vestbredden

International jazzstar, singer Sinne Eeg’s music video “Aleppo” (released September 2017), specially dedicated to Clowns4Care.

Athens, Greece 2016:

Clowns4Care – Spreading happiness in refuge camps in Greece.
Editing: Jenny Louise Vestergaard and Jeppe Nybroe

Clowns4Care in Greece. Listen to their words and reflections behind the scene.

Clowns4Care boarding for Greece 2016.
Clowns4Care's mission i Grækenland

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