We are very grateful for the support from several “Clowns4Care-ambassadors”.

Ambassadors are important for our effort to raise awareness and spread the knowledge of Clowns4Care. Our goal is that as many as possible will help us strengthen our mission and vision: to help as many children as best as possible in the world’s hotspots. Everyone can donate via our (Danish) bank account Nykredit: 8117-2721575. IBAN: DK1981170002721575
BIC (SWIFT): NYKBDKKK – read more here.

If you have any proposals or ideas for cooperation, major donations, sponsorships and the like, please contact Chief of Finance, mr. Lars Mandal, and / or Chief of Communications, mr. Jeppe Nybroe.

One of our Super Ambassadors is the famous comedian and magician mr. Rune Klan, watch his support video here.

Another Super Ambassador is the international jazzstar, singer Sinne Eeg, watch her music video “Aleppo” (released September 2017), specially dedicated to Clowns4Care.

Follow Clowns4Care’s Facebook and Instagram – and you can see the many other actors, television- and radio-personalities, authors, musicians, fashion people, comedians, food gurus, journalists and others who, to our great pleasure, have volunteered as Clowns4Care-ambassadors and hereby supporting our vision and mission: to help as many children as best as possible in the world’s hotspots.

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