Vision and mission

Clowns4Care are humanitarian clowns who are helping children in the world’s hotspots.

Through playing and sharing happiness our mission is to provide care, presence, encouragement and hope for children living in a world which for too many children is #notjustfun.

Our mission is to create experiences and memories that children can use positively and actively – as a breakaway in their everyday lives and in the future. Clowns4Care’s vision is based on people with open and warm hearts that want to make a positive and significant difference for the children in the world’s hotspots.

Children are children – and in Clowns4Care’s work the children are always on top of the agenda. We are always siding with the children and we will always respect the needs of each child, personality, situation, health, living conditions; The child’s culture, religion, environment; The child’s thoughts, feelings, dreams.

Clowns4Care is in every way – in our work and cooperation with others – independent from any political, commercial, religious or other interests.

All members of Clowns4Care work voluntarily and dedicated sharing the same vision and mission. The fuel of all members is  a human surplus, dedication and joy of life – in a world which for too many children is #notjustfun

Clowns4Care - About us

Who are we?

The humanitarian clowns in Clowns4Care are (so far) from Denmark and Sweden.

Our Board by June 2017 includes 4 clowns + 3 external members:

Chairwoman, mrs. Berit Austeen (born 1955, crisis psychologist + clown)
Vice Chairwoman, mrs.. Line Bygsø (born 1980, front desk manager + clown)
Chief of Communications, mr. Jeppe Nybroe (born 1973, journalist)
Chief of Finance, mr. Lars Mandal (born 1955, journalist)
Boardmember, mr. Kasper Tillemann (born 1985, educator + clown)
Alternate Boardmember, mr. Marcus Fritz (born 1983, supervisor + clown)
Chief of Web & Alternate Boardmember, mrs. Kamilla Hasen (born 1970, Communications Adviser)

All clowns are:
1) All volunteer their skills and work for Clowns4Care
2) All clowns have years of experience, training and education in clowning for vulnerable children – new clowns are specially trained by Clowns4Care – and all have officially certified child-protection certificates.
3) All clowns confess to Clowns4Care’s vision (read here), above all: to help as many children as possible in the world’s hotspots.

All clowns / members – per. July 2017 we are in total: 19 (16 clowns + 3 externals) – have different education, jobs and backgrounds; we are from 29 to 67 years old, we are about 50/50 women and men.

Clowns4Care - About us

The clowns both as a group and individually have many years of experience in helping vulnerable children around the world. We have been in missions in the following countries and territories: Congo, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq (September 2017), West Bank / Palestine, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Mongolia, Italy and Greece. During the years, several of the most experienced clowns have also trained clowns locally on international missions and / or cooperated with other clowns internationally.

Clowns4Care collaborates widely with organizations, authorities and others – international and national – who are contributing to helping as many children as best as possible.

As voluntary humanitarian clowns, the individual members in principle are financing their work and international missions – including transport, residence and materials.

Clowns4Care regularly carries out collections, fundraising and other projects that can help fund the organization’s vision and mission: helping as many children as best as possible in the world’s hotspots.
All Clowns4Care’s activities comply with applicable laws and the duly authorizations; Collections in Denmark are approved by the Danish National Collecting Board; All financial transactions are approved by authorized auditors and submitted publicly on Clowns4Care’s website.